Past Projects

Peace Entrepreneurs and Trainers (P.E.T.) Pilot Project 2010-2011

In this six-month training program, youth from Toronto’s Weston-Mt. Dennis neighborhood practice their communication and conflict-resolution skills, learn how to facilitate a Peacebuilding Circle, and attend motivational seminars offered by inspiring entrepreneurs. Upon successful completion of the program, participants have the opportunity to apply their newly-acquired facilitation skills as Youth Circle Facilitators in their communities. Sponsored by TELUS & The Anonymous Foundation.

Career Training at George Brown

In partnership with the George Brown Community Partnerships Office, Peacebuilders organizes a workshop that invites youths from at-risk neighborhoods to see what it would be like to attend college for two days. Youths are mentored by industry tradesmen and teaching staff in areas such as plumbing, carpentry, welding, electrical, and computer programming.

Gabian Way Circles for Success
Pilot Project 2008-2011

Presented in conjunction with several community agencies, Circles for Success offers Leadership and Life Skills training, art and dance Instruction, and employment and career workshops to at-risk youth in the Eglinton West area. Peacebuilders teaches participants positive social skills including: how to deal with anger, attentive listening, respect, and problem-solving.

Youth for Peace (Y4P) Summer Camp

Y4P is a summer leadership program that teaches young people about conflict-resolution, how to facilitate Circle dialogues, and how to become effective leaders in their communities.