Peacebuilding Circles need to be a safe space for people to have authentic, sometimes difficult, conversations. So, it’s important that the people facilitating them are well trained, and skilled at maintaining the integrity of the Circle. At Peacebuilders, we offer training programs that ensure you are prepared and confident in your ability to effectively keep Circles.

Getting Started – Level One Circle Keeper Training

The first level of Circle Keeper training consists of two parts. The first part covers the theory, values, and principles that form the foundation for successful Circles; the second part addresses the structure and application of Circles, coupled with practical experience.

Completion of this training is mandatory for all Peacebuilders volunteers, and will prepare participants for co-Keeping in Peacebuilding Cirlces.

Advancing Your Skills – Level Two Circle Keeper Training (Lead Training)

The next level of Circle Keeper training advances the skill level to prepare participants for a lead Keeping role in the Circle. Training is delivered in two parts. The first part reviews the documentation, forms, and reports that are required in Circle Keeping with youth, and how to develop effective questions. The second part of Lead training is dedicated to role plays, with personal attention, to advance consensus building and conflict resolution skills, and elevate confidence within the Circle.

For information on training dates, or to register please contact Gowtham at or call 416-960-9778.